With Nouveau's establishment of the Central New Jersey Scoliosis Treatment Center, adolescents are being screened earlier for conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Improved body jacket designs are correcting the degree of curvature, rather than simply slowing it down.

Wound Care

Nouveau Prosthetics and Orthotics works closely with are hospitals' wound care programs and podiatrists, designing and fitting devices for amputees with slow-to-heal incisions or sensitive residual limbs. Our staff fit shoe orthoses and orthopedic footwear for people with diabetes to prevent injury to their feet. Our director is one of a handful of orthotists certified in OWLS technology for wound care healing devices.

Sports Medicine

Nouveau's qualified experts in fracture bracing, knee/ankle/foot orthoses, and other orthotic systems ensure that active youths and adults recover more quickly from sports injuries. The appropriate therapeutic devices provide needed support and also help prevent further damage to affected joints.


Highly experienced orthotists can design, fit, and fabricate specialty foot devices, or custom-fit available orthopedic footwear and shoe inserts that cushion foot abnormalities or insensitive skin tissue. Orthopedic footwear provides stability and comfort for individuals, keeping them active longer. Pediatric footwear is often a solution for children with foot abnormalities, such as toe walking or ankle instabilities.


Our certified mastectomy fitters provide skilled and sensitive assistance to women who have had breast surgery. Their empathy and advice regarding a wide assortment of breast forms and foundation garments helps restore a woman's balance and posture as well as her self-confidence following a mastectomy.